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warehouse shelf inventory
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I’m looking for a Magento extension, that can really do stock management. I’ve found multiple extensions for this purpose, but none of them meet my specific requirements.

The extension should have the ability to assign products to shelf locations inside a warehouse. I’ve found some interesting extensions from Innoexts, BoostMyShop and Unleashed, but they do not meet all the requirements.

The extension should also be able to raise warnings if products can not fit into these shelf locations, if there are empty spots etc, and if products are re-located to another shelf, it should be easily to do (not changing the value of a self-defined attribute for every product). The shelf should be leading, so to speak.

Is this extension available? Or is this a bit over the top of Magento and can these functions only be found in order-picking software?

Any hints that could point me in the right direction are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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