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Selling Event Tickets with Magento
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Selling Event Tickets with Magento

Hi guys,

I just started using Magento and it is great! I’m making a website for selling online tickets. I need to control in a unique product the sales of a particular event. The tickets for this event could be:

- Male - Simple
- Female - Simple
- Male - VIP
- Female - VIP

Both simple and vip will have limited tickets and the prices would increase as these tickets are sold, and so the price would increase. For example, For Male VIP tickets, price would start with $50 (20 tickets) then would raise to $60 (20 next tickets) and so on…

Any modules that could somehow help me? I couldn’t find any!

Another option would be creating a virtual product with each of the 4 options, and set a trigger so that when the tickets with an specific price are gone, it would automatically activate a product with the following price.

Any suggestions? Also, if someone could devlop something similar, let me know!


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