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HASH Extension Fehler bei Magento ( You are missing the hash extension ) -
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-09-29

Möchte gerne Magento installieren, über “Magento-Check.php” kommt folgendes :

Your server does not meet the following requirements in order to install Magento.
The following requirements failed, please contact your hosting provider in order to receive assistance with meeting the system requirements for Magento:

You are missing the hash extension

The following requirements were successfully met:

You have PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)
Safe Mode is off
You have MySQL 4.1.20 (or greater)
You have the curl extension
You have the dom extension
You have the gd extension
You have the iconv extension
You have the mcrypt extension
You have the pcre extension
You have the pdo extension
You have the pdo_mysql extension
You have the simplexml extension

Ich habe einen Server bei 1blu, wer kann mir dabei helfen ?

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