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Qty update in cart doesn’t work when product is low on stock
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Joined:  2011-05-28

I am having a weird problem in my shopping cart. When a customer added more of an item to their cart than I have in stock, the cart will display the message saying there isn’t enough stock, like it should.

But if the customer wants to edit the quantity for that product (on the cart page), it just doesn’t work. You can change the number, click “update cart”, the page will reload, but it will still show to old number.

All the other items can’t have their quantity updated either when there’s a product with too low stock in the cart. If I just delete that product from the cart completely, the qty for the other products CAN be changed again.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

Is there a way to make sure not more products get added to the shop than there are in stock? When a customer does this, they do get the message that there is not enough stock, but the product gets added in a too high qty after all (and not always the number they added, this is very strange too!)

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Janmejay Pati
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Joined:  2012-09-26

Tricky way, Take the cart.phtml from one old version magento and upload that file to your current version

You could check the code from that file to debug.


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