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Can Magento search for products by values between two search fields
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we want to sell metal alloy blocks with different chemical content.
In the shop the customer must be able to search for the chemical content.
So we need for each chemical element two search fields to input the valid range of the element.

Here an Example for the chemical element “Silicium”: 

Search Input Field 1 for miniumum content “Silicium” : “10”
Search Input Field 2 for maximum content “Silicium” : “20”

So in the result list should all articles be displayed where the silicium content is between 10 and 20.
Off cource we will add an attribute “SiliciumContent” in the article data structure.

Is this possible to do in Magento?
If yes - is it possible to realize it in the administration pages only?
Or have we to program in PHP?

Many thanks for your answers!

Best regards


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