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Associated products vanish if one of their options is identical. 
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Joined:  2011-04-05

I have a variety of configurable products. Each product has two Dropdown-Options that can be chosen by the customer.

We sell abrasive paper, so the options are 1. size, 2. grain.
When I create an associated product, the following happens:
Only the first product of each size is being saved in the system.

E.g. If I have an abrasive paper of size A, grain A and another one with size B, grain B, I don\\\’t have a problem. But the second I create a third associated product with size A, grain B (or size A, grain C) it stops working. When I save the product at the end of the creating-process, it first shows up at the bottom under the \\\"associated products\\\”, but it does not appear in the frontend and when I reload the backend-product page, it is gone. Only the respective first product of a particular option is saved and can be found in the shop.
I tried several times and I checked for all the \\\"obvious\\\" mistakes, but I just can\\\’t manage to save a second product with an identical first option.
Does anyone have an idea, why that might be?

Thanks in advance!

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