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Multiple Prices/Websites and only one translation for products
Jesse S
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-01-22

Hello everybody,

first of all this forum sucks, took me ages to registers since either screen or login name was taken and i always had to reinput everything *grrr and then it took ages to find this tiny “new topic” button.

but enough of that and back to my question:

I currently do have a shop build on oscommerce and would like to change to magento since it has many built-in features i had to built myself for oscommerce. the only thing i cant figure out is this:

I have different shops for different countries atm. they all share the same products and categories etc. the only thing different is the price for a product and the languages available.

Is it possible to configure magento in the same manner. i got it as far as the different prices per store (in magentos case website) but then i have to do a lot of double translations/changes inside the languages for a product. i.e.:

* I have three store: germany, france, suisse
* germany and france only have one language (german and french of course), so far no problem
* BUT suisse has two languages french AND german together.

if i want different prices for each shop i need to put each of them in his own website. that would make a german website with store-view german, a french website with store-view french and a suisse websites with store-view german2 and french2. as soon as i add a product i can put in the german description as default but need to put in 2 french descriptions. one for the french-view and one for the french2-view.

is there a way around this problem? i only want one translation for every language for every product.

thanks in advance for any help smile

ps: yes i already searched the forum for 30minutes and couldnt find anyone who had a similar problem including a solution.

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