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How to run a sales report showing individual sales and tax? 
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We need to be able to generate a report that shows…
1) the date
2) the invoice number
3) the invoiced amount
4) the amount of tax paid
5) customer’s name (useful but not essential)
The report needs to show this information on a per order basis so it could be exported to a csv.

I’ve tried…
Reports > Sales > Invoiced menu but this doesn’t go into enough detail. You can only see the total number of sales per day but not individual sales totals and tax totals.

I can go to Sales > Orders and select the orders I require and export to csv… this is close to what we require except that it doesn’t show the amount of tax paid, only the total order amount.

Any ideas?  If it’s not standard Magento functionality is there a module that we can install to get this functionality? (we’re running on Magento Enterprise).


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Is there any answer to this question? We are basically looking for nearly the same function.
We need a report that shows
1. Invoice Number
2. Invoice Date
2. Total Amount
3. Shipping Cost
3. Total Tax
4. Tax % (different country tax %)
(5. Customer Name / Company would be nice)

Can’t find a thing like that in the basic magento. We are using CE 1.8

Is there an easy way to “build” such a report? Or is there any good module that might be more flexible in reports?

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