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Making Shipping Method Required in Magento 1.6.1 Multishipping Checkout
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-08-30

Hi I have just turned on the Multiple Address Checkout in Magento 1.6.1. I have styled the checkout and everything is working great however I have just realised that a customer can proceed past the shipping page without chosing a shipping method and therefore do not get charged for delivery. This checkout is perfect for out Company for christmas however my fear is this would cause too many problems. I was wondering if anyone new how I could make the choice of Shipping Method a required field. I have the code below of what I can find about the shipping method:

<span class=\\\\\\\"payment\\\\\\\"><?php echo $this->__(\\\\\\\'Shipping Method\\\\\\\'?></span>
<?php if (!($_shippingRateGroups $this->getShippingRates($_address))): ?>
<br />
br />
p><?php echo $this->__(\\\\\\\'Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.\\\\\\\'?></p>
<?php else: ?>
<dl class=\\\\\\\"sp-methods\\\\\\\">
<?php foreach ($_shippingRateGroups as $code => $_rates): ?>
<dt><?php echo $this->getCarrierName($code?></dt>
<?php foreach ($_rates as $_rate): ?>
<?php if ($_rate->getErrorMessage()): ?>
<strong><?php echo $_rate->getCarrierTitle() ?><?php echo $_rate->getErrorMessage() ?></strong>
<?php else: ?>
<input type=\\\\\\\"radio\\\\\\\" name=\\\\\\\"shipping_method[<?php echo $_address->getId() ?>]\\\\\\\" value=\\\\\\\"<?php echo $this->htmlEscape($_rate->getCode()) ?>\\\\\\\" id=\\\\\\\"s_method_<?php echo $_address->getId() ?>_<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?>\\\\\\\"<?php if($_rate->getCode()===$this->getAddressShippingMethod($_address)) echo \\\\\\\' checked=\\\\\\\"checked\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\' ?> class=\\\\\\\"radio\\\\\\\" />
label for=\\\\\\\"s_method_<?php echo $_address->getId() ?>_<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?>\\\\\\\"><?php echo $_rate->getMethodTitle() ?>
                                    <?php $_excl 
$this->getShippingPrice($_address$_rate->getPrice(), $this->helper(\\\\\\\'tax\\\\\\\')->displayShippingPriceIncludingTax()); ?>
                                    <?php $_incl 
$this->getShippingPrice($_address$_rate->getPrice(), true); ?>
echo $_excl?>
if ($this->helper(\\\\\\\'tax\\\\\\\')->displayShippingBothPrices() && $_incl != $_excl): ?>
(<?php echo $this->__(\\\\\\\'Incl. Tax\\\\\\\'); ?> <?php echo $_incl?>)
<?php endif; ?>

I would really appreciate anyones help with this. Its realy pickling my head. Thanks in advance.

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