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invoice and ship orders dynamically
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my company wants to automate as much as we can in magento backend.

currently when an order is placed we authorize the card and it is in processing status, it also sends the order confirmation email. then when you click the invoice button you capture funds. we don’t send an update to the user. then last we hit ship order and it will mark as complete and send off shipped email to customer.

so… after my company manufactures an order, we don’t want to manually go into magento admin, click “invoice” and then click “ship” and enter in tracking number, just to get an order as complete.

my it department said that for every order once it leaves the shipment area, they can post to a web form the magento order number and shipping number w/ provider.

how can i take this info and design a script that will then do the invoice action and capture funds, and then do the shipment button and take the tracking number and put it through the default magento ship email?

ideas, resources, and suggestoins on how to achieve this would be great.

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