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How do I add the customers e-mailaddress to the billing-address field in the order confirmation mail
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-06-22

In the order confirmation mail, the address that is shown in the Billing address from the Customer Configuration html field.

So i added the emailaddress there (in different variations : \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’email\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’e-mail\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’e-mail_address\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’)

{{depend prefix}}{{var prefix}} {{/depend}}{{var firstname}} {{depend middlename}}{{var middlename}} {{/depend}}{{var lastname}}{{depend suffix}} {{var suffix}}{{/depend}}<br/>
{{depend company}}{{var company}}<br />{{/depend}}
{{depend street2}}{{var street2}}<br />{{/depend}}
{{depend street3}}{{var street3}}<br />{{/depend}}
{{depend street4}}{{var street4}}<br />{{/depend}}
{{var country}}<br/>
{{depend telephone}}T: {{var telephone}}{{/depend}},
{{depend email_address}}e-mail: {{var email_address}}{{/depend}},
{{depend fax}}F: {{var fax}}{{/depend}}
{{depend vat_id}}<br/>VAT: {{var vat_id}}{{/depend}}

But it never shows up in the emails that are sent

Can anybody tell me what I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m doing wrong?



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