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A ‘points’ conversion instead of price for some customer groups
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I have a client that sells uniforms to large union contract employers.  All purchases are done on store credit so payment is done outside of Magento.  Individual users have a ‘credit’ that they are allowed to spend on their uniforms.  I am going to have to customize Magento to track this so that they can’t ‘overspend’ their allowance.

However, a few of the employers work on a point system instead of an allowance.  For instance, they might get 10 points for the year.  And the employer assigns workpants at a 3, work shirt at a 2, and work boots at a 5.  These don’t directly relate to the actual price of the item.

Is there a way I could have only certain customer groups shop with ‘points’ instead of money?  I could customize the Magento/Accounting interface to handle the transfer.  But I don’t want the shopping experience to be awkward or confusing for those who are shopping with points.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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