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Product Creation Question
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I am new to Magento and am trying to determine the best way to create a product set. I sell Mattresses and similar products. I would like to setup my products this way…

A User shops by Mattresses. From that page the user will choose their mattress size from a Select DropDown (Twin, Full, Queen, King). This attribute would be required. I would then like to have the possibility of the user adding on a Foundation. Each Mattress size has a Foundation size that matches (and price is dependent upon size selected) AND the ability to all possibly buy a Mattress Protector as well. The Mattress protector, like the Bed Frame would be an optional addition but would be size specific. I would prefer to limit the Foundation and Mattress Protector options based on the Mattress Size selected by the user so they cannot buy a Queen foundation with a Twin Size Mattress.

A similar setup to what I would like to do is seen on this website ( The only difference is I would also want to offer the Mattress Protector as another option (just like the Foundation option).

Can anyone with more experience describe how I should build this type of product. I believe my Mattress would be a Configurable Product made of 5-6 simple products. But would I also create a Configurable Foundation product and Mattress Protector Configurable product and then group them all together? Any help is appreciated.

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