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CMS Content - Synopsis not being saved
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Joined:  2012-07-29

I have a brand new install on my localhost (actually using v1.5.1.0) and I have ran into an issue with the content synopsis.

I have tried entering text with and without the WYSIWYG, but when I hit save (or save & continue), the text is simply not being saved!

Is there a way to find out the problem? I check the POST data, and “content_synopsis” is being set with my text.

I’m going to try adding it straight into the DB and see if that holds up.


EDIT: Just had a look, and there is no synopsis row in the cms_page table. I tried searching the Magento files for any instance of “content_synopsis” or “synopsis” in relation to the SQL installation files, and there is nothing?! Why is there a field in the backend, if its not even in the DB? (just to add, i was using v1.6 previously, could it be a left over from that?)

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