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Multi store and google sitemaps problem
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Joined:  2012-01-22

I use multi stores. So i have:

- Store 1
- Store 2

This had to be added to Basis-URL of the store view because otherwise the google sitemap is wrong. And google crawling has to be the right url otherwise you get a dead link in google.
But this is not the problem and i works.

But now the problem. The images and payment modules are in de root of the site. So when i am in store 1 and go the checkout the payment option can’t be found and i get an error on the page. This is because the payment option is nog in the root of store 1.
So how is i possible that the root of the catalog is depending on the store view for google and other search engines. But the checkout and other pages are without the storename in the url?



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