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Configurable product with lot of options - Invalid Form key at around 1000 Associated Products? 
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Could someone please help me figure this out?

I’ve got a configurable product with quite a lot of options (spent a few days importing CSV files).

Bu when I add all Simple products to the Configurable one by checking them in Associated Products, as soon as it hits 1000 (of the 2880 I have to select) it gives me a popup with ‘Invalid Form key. Please refresh the page”.

I don’t think it’s a particular product that is causing the error because I checked/unchecked a few random ones and then I could add a few more before I got the error.

Thanks in advance!!

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HI there,

Actually, haven’t faced this issue before. Maybe you have some page time-out while you assign your simple products to configurable.

To make sure that this issue is with your admin, but not with database itself, I offer you to assign your simples to configurable products via desktop application called Store Manager for Magento. It works directly with database and is not web-based, so do not require much server resources.

Also using this application you will be able in bulk to assign simple products to appropriate configurable for that you need in column _associated_sku in front of each configurable product indicate SKUs of simple products separated by comma. Check this article for the details -

The free 2-weeks trial version of Store Manager you can download here -

If the issue remains, then most likely it is some deeper issue than admin difficulty and you have to dig for some other reason of it.

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