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Images disappears every now and then with cloud zoom or due to settings in magento
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Joined:  2012-09-28

Hello All,

I am facing a terrible problem and want to know one thing-

I experiment with few settings for cloud zoom and facing problems with images that disappears suddenly. That may be due to some other Magento settings or cache.

where i usually make changes and found this problem besides other configuration or cache settings

Inside System > Configuration>

1. Upon changing Cloud Zoom settings to \"Image Width After Zooming\” to more than 650px wide, images didn\’t show up at front end.

2. Upon changing back to 650px wide they started to show up again.

3. Upon changing further less to around 400-450px wide they again disappear.

4. Upon leaving at 650 px wide few again show up and few didn\’t

5. Sometimes image didn\’t appear but Magento Logo appear instead of that.

6. Sometimes a very small block appears as a placeholder of around 10px high or so.

Although all the images are exactly of same size in pixels (1000px wide by 1522 px high)

Please refer screenshots.

Upon experimenting a bit i found that it does not seems to be related with Cloud zoom plugin feature, it seems as if it somewhat related with Magento and Cache.

This may be due to some other settings or changes in Magento, but i am not sure.

I even Disable Cache, Refresh Cache, Enabled Back Cache, then sometimes found that few images started to appear but few didn\’t.

What could be the root cause and how to overcome this permanently

Please help me out.


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