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Ultimate e-commerce site presentation for products with folder structure view possible
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Below is the link of what i am looking for. This is one of my favorite sites i have come across as far as presentation, sales and user convenience is concerned with lot of options.

By looking at below link please let me know if it is possible to show folder like (or Album or Catalogue ) structure (as in windows operating system) for products.

Each Folder (Album or Catalog) contains 5-50 items (approx.) under itself.

If this effect and presentation can be achieved with version, then please do guide me the way.

Upon clicking any folder image (Album or Catalogue image) the products that fall under that folder will be displayed.

Let me explain this a bit-

The company (online retailer) in the above link purchases products from different companies (manufacturers).

Manufacturers produces lots every month or a two. They launched catalogues of those monthly products.

Which are then grouped under as one folder as can be seen in the link.

That folder contains product images and products details of the same series of products launched under that time period by one manufacturer company.

The Online Retailer’s website is still showing single product gridwise also in the main page. For that link is below-

For better clearance and understanding you can visit this link first and then the previous link (first one) to get a much better idea of it.

I hope Magento team and developers will surely like this and update their systems in the future accordingly.

Also, if that can be achieved please guide me.


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