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credit card processing/
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Hi, I’m new to working with payment gateways and am a little fuzzy on how they work. Question 1-Do we have to use some sort of gateway? My place of work recently started using for over the phone orders and such, and now are going to attempt to get our online shopping cart to use it too. Question 2- Can anyone explain to me at what point the credit card is charged, and the basic process overall? Is a card charged as soon as a customer confirms their order? Or does it charge once somebody confirms the order in our Magento admin?

Sorry for such a noob question, but sometimes if a customer orders something online and we are out of stock, rather than displaying ‘out of stock’ on the website the boss wants sales people to call them and ask if it is ok to substitute a different product (that can be a different price). Any information or links would be appreciated! Thanks!

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