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JS - CustomOption Price + Product Price
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Joined:  2008-10-21

Hey Everyone,

Not such a big problem, but I can\’t work this out for the life of me.

The old code, which would get me the product price and the custom price added to it

optionsPrice.productPrice price

however, the new code is leaving me a little stumped.

The changes in the code that leave me stumped are that this

price += parseFloat(this.config[optionId]);

has been changed to

optionsPrice.addCustomPrices(optionId \'-\' selectOption.valuecurConfig);

So… price is now an undefinded variable in the js.

So, my question is… how the heck do I get the custom price again through my JS code?

The following do not work

optionsPrice.productPrice optionsPrice.CustomPrices
.productPrice optionsPrice.CustomPrice
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