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Why has Magento CE screwed up PayPal - website payments standard? 
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We have been using PayPal website payments standard for a couple of years, it isn’t the most ideal solution as the customer has to leave our site to make final payment on the PayPal site, but at least our customers have the option of paying with their PayPal account or their credit/debit card.

For some reason in Magento CE version “Website Payments Standard” has been changed and the customer no longer has the option of paying with their card on the PayPal site.

We now have three options:

1) PayPal
2) Check (Cheque in English)
3) Credit Card (saved)

We really don’t want to store customer bank / card details in our database - we don’t want to jump through any PCI hoops.

Option 2 is no use to us.

That just leaves customers who have a PayPal account - again, no much use without the option of using their debit/credit card.

All of the above has been confirmed by PayPal - i.e. this change has been initiated by Magento/Varien.

Is this something to do with Varien pushing customers towards MagentoGO?

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