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Trying to install database locally, getting foreign key constraint errors
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Joined:  2009-06-22
Sydney, Australia

Okay so I have a fairly massive database to install locally, it’s around 300MB.

I’m using bigdump.php ( to do this, and everything is fine until I run into the following error

Error at the line 6487ADD CONSTRAINT `FK_DIRECTORY_REGION_NAME_REGIONFOREIGN KEY (`region_id`) REFERENCES `directory_country_region` (`region_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE;
QueryALTER TABLE `directory_country_region_name`
Cannot add or update a child rowa foreign key constraint fails (`magento`.`#sql-1ae4_6b`, CONSTRAINT `FK_DIRECTORY_REGION_NAME_REGIONFOREIGN KEY (`region_id`) REFERENCES `directory_country_region` (`region_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE)

I have read this page and done what it asks, yet I still get this error. Has anyone else observed this problem?

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