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Magento site renders white screen in IE8
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I am experiencing an odd issue with my site and I can not figure out how to fix it.  My site won’t render in IE8 and I haven’t made any recent changes to my site.  Last week Thursday the site rendered perfectly fine and then on Friday it rendered blank in IE8.  I have tried the following:

Flushed Magento cache
Restoring from a backup
Deleted the entire site and restored files incrementally
Cleared browser cache
Tried to view site from four different computer

When I use the script debugger tool in IE no errors are found. The site views fine in IE9 and all other browsers.  I even tried restoring a back-up from two months back, still no luck.  I desperately need help figuring this issue out.  If anyone has any suggestions, please share.

Site url:  please click this link to inspect my site


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