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Can Magento do deal packages? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-05-22

Hi guys,

I’ve been going through some walkthroughs on creating grouped and bundled products, but they don’t seem to quite do what i want. Here’s what i have in mind.

I’ve got 5 simple products, let’s say A, B, C, D and E. I want to make a package deal from A, B and C; customer who buy this get a 20% discount. Let’s call this package deal product X.

What I don’t want to use is coupons, for reasons of clarity to customers. U just want product X to be visible on the front-end, which i can name “A, B and C megadeal!”. Now here’s the tricky part, I want this product to use the stock statusses from A, B and C. As soon as B is out of stock, so should product X be.

Neither grouped nor bundled product seem to do the trick. I want it to be me who is in charge of containing what is in Product X, not the customer. This is so I can decide what product will sell at what fixed price.

Is there anyway for this to be realised? If so, let’s met it even more interesting. Is it possible for this exact same setup, only this time with configurable products so customers can select the color or size from this configurable product?

Thanks in advance

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Robyn Hansen
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Hey There!

This is possible, however its not out of the box functionality. We recently just built this exact module for a client selling skin care products in different bundles.

If you want to talk about this further we would be happy to discuss in detail! 866-262-1517 ask for Robyn!


Orange Collar Media

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