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Can Magento handle “kits” being ordered from the store? 
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Hi guys. I am looking for a shopping cart solution that has the capability of robustly handling “kit” products.

What I mean is very simple. Think of a laptop, for example. A laptop sells for a certain price, but the consumer is given choices to upgrade certain components (hard drive, ram, screen size, peripherals, etc.) at will for an extra cost. The consumer may also remove certain components (the operating system, for example) for a price discount.

Does Magento support such a functionality? Is it easy to have it work with a substantial number of options for such a product (25 or so) without cluttering the page and making it non-functional?

Can it be customized that each option may either be either radio buttons or a select box?

Ideally, the kit ordered would be listed on the invoice, along with the entire price paid for it, as well as the individual components that make the kit. However those extra components’ default prices should not be displayed on the invoice. The only time when there may be a price next to an item is when the user upgraded or downgraded it from the ‘default’… but the default’s price should never be shown.

So going along with the laptop example, if the user orders it stock, it will list the internal components, but will only have the price of the entire laptop. If they upgrade anything, it will have the original price of the ‘stock’ laptop, along with the additional components they wish to upgrade, which come out to be the total somewhere on the invoice page.

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, this is a feature already available for magento in the product creation stage.  You can set the individual function for each product.

Options available:

- Field
- Area

- Dropdowns
- Radio Buttons
- Check Box
- Multiple Select

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