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Can Magento Do multiple payment gateways in a single website? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-06-13

Hi magento community smile

We are a company involved in promoting and projecting greek vendors’ products online. And in order to host our vendors’ products we will be using this platform.

We are considering the following.......

Each of our vendors is going to have his own page, which will be a subdirectory in our main site’s file system (thus under the same domain) and it will house his own products. Through that particular page the visitor will be able to select products and then proceed to checkout. At that point, when the payment is made we need the money to be sent directly to that particular vendor’s bank account/paypal account without our involvement as hosts.

IN OTHER WORDS: We need a way to store or house all the products and use different merchant accounts based on the Vendor.

Sites such as and have implemented this exact function: many sellers, different bank accounts for each one at checkout. My question is if this can be done using this platform and most importantly how.

If the above is possible, could you clarify if this function is available in the CE edition (or even magentoGO maybe)? As we cannot afford the enterprise plan yet.

We thank you in advance for any time you spend resolving this major issue for us.

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Ryan Sun _Kuafu
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You are talking about c2c, that’s not a feature of magento, but magento definitely can do that with some customization, I had built a c2c magento site and it works greate
another way to achieve your goal is to build multiple websites in one magento instance but its website basis instead of category/merchant basis, instead of having one c2c website, you will have multiple b2c websites

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