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Serious issue: No images are loading including product and system images, even the logo! 
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I am facing a rather weird issue.

I have made no changed to my site\\\\\\\’s code for months. And all of a sudden 2 days back i find that site has gone haywire, no images are loading anywhere, no magento images, no product images, not even logo.

i have refreshed and rebuilt all caches and checked permissions and everything.

I have investigated for two days and found the following:

1. chrome says the server is returning 404 on image requests.
2. firebug says throw $continue depracated use /return instead
3. in one particular forum post, somebody said its a virus on server
4. php gives fatal error: out of memory
5. IMPORTANT wen you load the site no images will load, but if u will call image URL in browser and it will load fine. and then if you refresh the site, that particular image will load from the browser\\\\\\\’s cache. but no other images will load.

Site url: coffee sip . com

Kindly help.


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