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Glitchy dropdown behaviour during checkout - Magento
Jr. Member
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As a variation on the State/Province issue that seems to be affecting a number of users of late, I am experiencing an issue with any dropdown on the checkout page glitching like crazy in Chrome and Safari (IE and Firefox appear unaffected). The Country select, for example, will only show a certain number of countries and the highlight jumps around when trying to select one of them. I contacted Support for the theme I am using (Tribeca) and they suggested that form.js was at the root of the problem and to comment this file out. Having used

<reference name="head">
action method="removeItem"><type>js</type><name>varien/form.js</name></action>

to at least see what would happen I found that the dropdown then functioned as it should, but that users can no longer log in on the page (as I expected) and that the State/Province issue then rears its ugly head. You can see the site in development at

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Or, even better, know of a fix or decent workaround for this issue?

Would be much appreciated if anyone could assist me with this, as the site is not really that far from being made live.

Thanks smile

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