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Google Trusted Stores cron Extension Issue
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Joined:  2008-06-19
Phoenix, AZ

After installing the Google Trusted Stores Magento Extension via Magento Connect, it seems the extension did NOT automatically create the two cron jobs that are supposed to fire off the ftp into to the google feed at 3AM and 5AM as mentioned in the documentation. I contacted Google Trusted Stores support and they said that it’s a magento problem and they have no information on what the cron jobs are supposed to be and told me to contact magento, which is easier said than done in reality.

Also the two files that the extension is supposed to make (the feed files) are supposedly created under <yourstoredirectory>/var/tmp. However, there is not tmp directory under my var directory and I can’t find the two txt files it’s supposed to create.

The information in the other thread about setting up the feeds is all PRE extension code. Anyone have any clues on what needs to be tweaked to fix the corn and file creation issues?


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