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Percentage price in attributes for configurable product
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Joined:  2008-10-15

Hi ppl,

I have a setup with plenty of virtual products as children of configurable products. It’s licensebased sales with attributes for

1. Number of nodes in the license
2. Number of years for the license
3. Is the license a renewal or not (30% discount)

For example, a customer chooses 5 nodes in the license. Everything good so far. Customer then chooses 1 year. All is still good. Customer now chooses that it is a renewal and will get 30% discount. However, this discount it calculated according to the base price of 1 node and not of the selected 5 nodes. Of course, it gets worse the more nodes the customer selects.

It is the same issue with number of years, if 2 years is chosen.

Now, ideally I would like to have an attribute matrix in the admin where I could input the exact prices for the different options - or have the prices based on the products of the children. I know there is an extension - “Simple Configurable Products” - but this does not meet my needs as it 1) does not display the price in the options and 2) allows the customer to click on a direct link to the simple product in the cart (which I don’t want since it does not have all the information that the configurable does and is not displayed in the catalog).

So… I need to hack the code. :(

I imagine it will primarily be done in app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Product/Option.php.

Anyone with good ideas as how I should proceed?

// Thomas

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