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wrong price when shipping multiple addresses in magento
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We had a customer order products for both himself and his cousin out east. When he ordered he selected the multiple addresses option. When he did this the system for some reason charged him for the small sized product when he had ordered the large. He tried again and the same thing happened. After that he tried making 2 separate orders which charged him the correct amount.

I’ve tested myself, and the same thing happened for me: shipping to Multiple addresses picks a wrong price. In this case, the correct price of $49.99 for the 2.3 kg size is getting swapped for $26.99 for 908g size of that same product at the check out, but only when selected Multiple addresses.

We’re using Configurable products for those with different sizes and/or flavours. Any thoughts, suggestions, fixes for our issue? Please, see the attached screenshot for more details (before checkout and after checkout).

Thanks to all in advance.

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