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Is this a bug with the native Direct Post integration that Magento needs to fix in an upcoming release?
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We are using Magento CE integrated with via Direct Post method using Magento’s native integration for this service. We are using’s Transactional IP Velocity Filter that is a part of their Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS). With this Transactional IP Velocity Filter, Magento transmits the customer’s IP address to and blocks too many transactions from the same IP address at a velocity that we set.

The issue is that Magento will often capture both the customer’s private as well as public IP, but transmit to just the private IP. Because so many private IPs are similar (presumably they are created by a customer’s home router), we have cases of different customers being blocked by this filter just because someone else using the same private IP at home but a different public IP made a purchase before them.

How do we get Magento to transmit just the customer’s public IP to and not the private IP? See sample excerpted from an Order Information screen below.

Placed from IP (

Here, is a common private IP and is the public IP. However, seems to receive and record only and not Any ideas as to a fix?

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