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Retrieve Reviews from SOAP API
Andrew E
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Joined:  2009-01-19

Hey everyone,

First off - just wanted to say how impressed I am with how this product is shaping up. I’ve been evaluating it for a site that we’re going to be building, and it’s been years since I’ve looked at a piece of e-commerce software that I haven’t written, and this product is very encouraging.

I’m especially impressed with how easy the SOAP API was to setup and use. We’re likely going to be building a custom front-end to a magento installation that does a lot of web service calls to get the data in the magento admin interface.

That leads to my first (of probably many) question: is there a way to retrieve product reviews via the API? I’ve also got product information, product attributes/images and things through the API, but it doesn’t look like product reviews are contained within the response, and there doesn’t appear to be any catalog_product_review or something similar.


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