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Image Links Representing Subordinate Categoies for Anchored Pages
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Is it possible to do the following??:

Lets say I have a menu item Called ‘Vehicle’, and under that is ‘Cars’ and ‘Trucks’. Let’s say all three categories are set to be anchors. Let’s also say that all three categories have images associated with them. Let’s assume that there other subordinate menus under these, with similar setups (For example, cars has categories ‘Sports’ and ‘Station Wagon’ under it and so forth).

Is it possible to make it so when a user clicks on the main menu item ‘Vehicle’, that they get two images labeled ‘Cars’ and ‘Trucks’, that can be clicked to then drill the user down to the ‘Cars’ or ‘Trucks’ category?

Currently I am using categories with Display Mode set to ‘Static block and products’. I’m creating a custom static page for each anchored category, and I’m manually wiring up the links to images that I’ve uploaded.

Needless to say, this approach is a bit of a hassle when you start talking about a number of categories.

As far as I can tell, the image for a category does little more than display itself at the top of the anchor page.


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