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Visibility issues (changed in SQL database)
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I imported a list of 3,500(ish) products using dataflow. All went well but there were issues with the visibility status. To correct this I set all visibilities in SQL for a value of 4 (Catalog, Search)

Now in the backend the products are all loaded and correct visibility. But in the front end they are not displayed. The only way to sort this out is to click on the product and click save. After it has been manually saved it displays (no changed just saved)

Have cleared cash and tried to index from settings but with no luck.

Would be EXTREMELY greatful if someone could guide me in the correct direction. Thanks.

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Actually I have the solution for you that helps to set visibility status to 4 (Catalog, Search).

You can do it using the application called Store Manager in 2 ways - by import or using built-in it tool called Multi-editor.

Here is a free 14-days trial of the application -
It is desktop one, so you can do all the changes locally.

So you can change visibility status via import - you need to update this column without having to re-import all data. You need only column with SKu for identification and column with visibility status with numbers 4 (it stands for Catalog, Search).

Other option - you can change visibility status via Multi Editor of Store Manager. All you need is to choose products - right-click, choose Product Multi Editor and for Visibility change in drop-down - Catalog, Search. But note, it can be done within one attribute set only. So you can beforehand filter the products by attribute sets.

Please, let me know if it was helpful.

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