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How Do I Make A Backup That Really Works? 
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Joined:  2009-01-05

1.1.8 I made a backup before going to ssl cert problems.  Went to  More problems.  Tried installing backup of -NO GO… Multiple errors.  So I went with 1.1.8 ERRORS.  No go.  So 3 backups were no good.  Problems with the databases are not allowing me to use the backups.

I lost all my priducts adescriptions and what not.  Not happy at all about that..

Whats the most reliable way to make backups.  Magento backups suck b*lls.  I even used a directory and db backup from myphp and I cant get magento to run withthe database.

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Your products should be safe mate, even though they are not compatible with your current database. First of try making a fresh install of Magento 1.1.8. Please also make a fresh, new database. In your old Magento installation folder you should be able to find your backup in var/backups/. Copy the file to your new Magento installation and try to view it from the administration panel.

If it didn’t show up, create a new backup from the new Magento installation, then switch the names of the zip files in you backups directory.

That should work. And the reason to why this happen in the first place was because database updates in newer Magento versions. So, next time here’s what you wanna go ahead and do wen upgrading: Don’t use backups from previous versions on a upgraded system. Magento’s backup system works more or less like a snapshot creating a selective dump of your database. Its a fine enough system, if you need to create a backup in another way I suggest you use the export functions.

Be well // Bockbertil ^^

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