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Imported Configurable Products not showing up on Web
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I\\\\\\\’ve been trying [many times] to get Configurable Products—that I have successfully imported into Magento 1.7-- to appear on the Front End.

They all appear in the Manage Product List as proper Configurable Product and their Associated Simple products.
None of them - even the Main Configurable Product - appears on the website though.
If I set them up within Magento - no problems-- they all appear.

Then If I export the CSV file and try to add more Simple Products to the same list and then re-import them-- they seem to get \\\\\\\"broken\\\\\\\" and are no longer editable in Magento. When I open the Main Configurable product, it asks me what attributes I want to use…

Willing to try any Paid for Extensions to accomplish this… I have a product list from the Client and need to get the new file into Magento to start their new store ASAP!! Adn we need to update as well on a seasonal basis.

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import_allproducts21.pdf  (File Size: 20KB - Downloads: 110)
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It looks like you haven’t imported all required values (though I’ve checked your file and they seems to be there, I’m not sure is the store view assigned correctly as you have store title only), or the extension that you use doesn’t support the version of Magento that you have so some attributes are missing so the products are not shown.

I’d recommend you to try Store Manager for Magento solution:
It does support configurable products import so it may resolve your issue. Also it has the automated update functionality as an addon to update inventory on a regular basis.

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