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Import/Export Profile - Where to upload images
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I have hunted high and low and this quite simple piece of information appears to be nowhere.

If I reference an image in a CSV when importing, where does the import script start the path I give it? Is it based off the root of the magento directory structure?

For example, if I include “abc123.jpg” - where is abc123.jpg meant to be located? I have seen “media/import” - My install does not include this - am I meant to just create it?

Sorry if this seems like a basic question, but its been driving me mad for several hours and after many many searches, I can’t find it documented anywhere.

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As I know you have to upload all images to your media/import directory (create it if you do not have one yet) and after that run import.

Basically default import has quite strict requirements.

In case you need to import products from your supplier’s site (let’s say you have image names in your .csv file like or you need to upload them while import from your local PC and you have names specified like abc123.jpg, you may use Store Manager application:

It has the possibility to upload images from your PC or directly from your supplier’s site. There’s a special option to “import images” and Base path for specifying the exact place where your images are located. Simply enable Import images option and specify base path as or C:\Temp\images where images is your folder containing images.

In case you will not be able to handle images, let me know where exactly your images are located right now and I’ll try to assist you further.

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