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Can anyone help me to understand “position” attribute in catalog_category_entity table? 
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I already migrated my products from opencart to magento.  They are fine now,

As of now I’m trying to migrate my categories from opencart to magento..

But i don’t understand how this position values are used…

I mean i dumped deafult magento database. It has the code like this

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_entity` (`entity_id`, `entity_type_id`, `attribute_set_id`, `parent_id`, `created_at`, `updated_at`, `path`, `position`, `level`, `children_count`) VALUES
(1300'2012-07-30 16:54:16''2012-07-30 16:54:16''1'001),
2331'2012-07-30 16:54:17''2012-07-30 16:54:17''1/2'110);

`entity_id`, - unique id
`entity_type_id`, - I guess its 3 for all categories
`attribute_set_id`, - I guess its 3 too for all categories
`parent_id`, - For root i guess its 1
`created_at`, - timestamp
`updated_at`, - timestamp
`path`, - root cate id/sub cat id/sub cat id ..etc..
`position`, - ????
`level`, - I guess its depth 1/2/3/4 path will have depth 3
`children_count` - How many children categories a parent category have…

So can anyone help me to understand that position attribute?


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Hello Viruthagiri,

Position is a sort order of the category in the menu or category tree within any specific parent category.
So you may have categories sorted alphabetically or specify position and have them sorted according to your needs.

As I know it is not required and you can leave default values there.

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