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ECommerce “workflow” - w/ POS, etc
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I am looking for a platform that we can leverage what we have already in place, as well as integrate new possibilities into our company’s existing processes.

That said, we are looking for a solution that will work like this:

1) Online storefront is populated with export data from our suppliers via CSV
2) Customer places order online
3) Order is transmitted to QB POS, which automatically prints a pick ticket
4) picker grabs picket, fulfills order, scans into POS as he picks it, and sends it on its way
5) POS updates storefront with order details, shipping info, etc
6) I am also looking for a way to identify items in inventory that are below a threshold, and re-order them automatically with my supplier at a set time per day?

Sounds pretty easy I guess, but its the little things that kill you in the long run :)

Suggestions are appreciated.  I have more experience in another ecommerce platform, but have seen more and more mention of Magento, and don’t want to limit my own success by being too nearsighted to miss out on a better setup.

Any help is appreciated!

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Columbus, OH

hi there, we just saw this but saw that you may be interested in our Magento integration solution which can help you to automatically sync inventory much better. No need to manually update inventory quantities in all your Magento systems. nChannel will synchronize inventory as sales are made placed and fulfilled. Inventory displayed on your eCommerce sites will always be up to date so you’re not selling items you no longer have in stock.

You can read more in depth about our solution and see if it might be a good fit for you here:

If you’d like to chat over the phone or email, feel free to contact me:


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