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Exporting Category URLs
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I’m in the process of integrating my design into Magento for a new e-commerce store I am launching. This is a side project. In my day job, I run a search advertising agency. All of my campaigns are built on URLs (content) first, and keywords second. One key to success is the ability to advertise Category Level Page (CLP) URLs, not just Product Level Page (PLP) URLs. I’d really like to see the ability to export Category URLs, vs the assumption that the only use for export is to transmit data to fulfillers, etc. (No flame wars here please - I’ve been in Magento all day learning the Product structure. Pardon me if I have missed it).

One other nice feature would be the ability to export to XML. I’d imagine that it would be fairly easy to specify a schema, then URL types that would be mapped to fields in the structure. Again, I only mention this because my systems accept content data in XML, and can use customer-provided data in addition to Ads and keywords that I develop.

I am not an engineer, but given that I am likely to want the XML options quickly, would be happy to have my consultants build this. Is there anyone else who would like to have this feature? Given that I am not an engineer (thought reasonably familiar with XML) what would be the desired features for this feature?

Thanks all!

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