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Custom Queries - Export as CSV
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Hello everyone,

I need to be able to query product data. The columns need to be different on each query. I also need to be able to export this information as a CSV file. Is there any way to do this?

For example, Query 1 might need to show the name, price and description for each product. Query 2 might need to show product ids, names, and type.


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Hi there,

If I understood you correctly you need to filter products on some parameter and then after filtering export only some of the columns of that products. I suppose that tyou need a couple of such spreadsheets.

There is PC application - Store Manager for Magento with advanced filtering and search options. So particularly, using it you can filter your products on any paramter you need and on any .database column. After you filtered the products you select them and can export them to Excel or .csv file.

Using this you can choose which exactly fields you would like to export, for instance - you can run export first time and export to .csv file only certain columns - e.g. - product name, SKU and price
The second time you run export you can choose other fields you need and you will have those data in .csv file.

Here is 14-days free trial of Store Manager for Magento -
Download it and export the fields you need.
Let me know if it want you was looking for. If any details required, let me know.

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