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Random Price - new extension from aheadWorks
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Joined:  2008-10-30

With Random Price, your visitors get the opportunity to buy a product at a price different from the initial one. The intrigue here is that they “play roulette” - the price can go up as well as down and they never know whether it will be higher or lower after the next click!

Here is how it works:

Clicking the Random Price link on a product page, your customers get a choice – to buy a product/service at a given price or tempt fate and try to get a discount. Your customers can change the price until they are satisfied with the result.

The Random Price Magento extension has very easy and flexible configuration. Defining random price rules, there is an ability to specify product pages where your customers can use this function. So you can display a random price block for promoted products only.

The conditions for random price rules are made the same way as in Catalog Price Rules, so the process is familiar to every Magento-based store owner.

1. Main product types support:


2. Products with custom options support
3. Automatically inserted random price block on specified product pages
4. Ability to insert random price block via CMS, widget, or layout updates

5. Customizable random price rules with ability to:

set a date range for the rule to be active
select the customer groups this rule is applied to
specify delay between retries

6. Price range setting

price increase
price decrease
both price increase and decrease

7. CSS-friendly
8. Ability to customize random price block template and add:


8. Multistore support

Click the link below to see module screenshots:

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