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Accept Credit Cards For Manual Offline Processing via 3rd Party - Any Service Providers / Integrations / Extensions available? 
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Hi guys,

I am trying to get my ecommerce store online.

Processing credit cards is a hurdle I have run into. I have an online virtual terminal issued to me by a local bank here in Australia, called NAB. The product I am signed up for is NAB TRANSACT and I believe this is a virtual terminal system. From my understanding, this can only be used to manually enter and process credit cards—and there is no ability for it to integrate with anything (despite their website talking about API\\\’s and whatnot for this very service).

So assuming I would need to open up an internet merchant facility with them, I would prefer to try and use what I already have. I don\\\’t mind manually processing credit card orders for the time being. If things take off, I will be happy to later invest both time and money into getting everything sorted and processed automatically.

There is a service provided by e-Path here in Australia that does exactly what I need. They even have an extension for magento I believe (either by them or 3rd party) and essentially when the customer elects to use credit card, they are taken to a secure and hosted page by e-Path, enter in their credit card details and then later I securely log in to the admin section of e-Path to access the credit card numbers and process the order manually.

This is all fine, however:

1) I would like to keep visitors on my site directly, if at all possible.
2) If above is not possible, I would like to at least have a provider with a landing page (where they fill out their credit card information) that looks like it was made and designed in the last few years. e-Paths page looks terribly old and out dated and I don\\\’t want to be losing sales over a credit card form which doesn\\\’t look the part.

Any suggestions on similar providers?

I am aware I could simply store CC details of orders in the system myself using built in magento features. I could delete the numbers from the DB as soon as the order has been processed - but how risky is this?

Kind Regards,

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I am looking for a similar feature here in the US. Did you ever find anything that is working for you? To answer your question on securing the cards on your site, that depends on a few things. First is the quality of the hosting company that you use for your site. Make sure you are using a host that does not skimp on server configurations. You will need to purchase and install an SSL certificate and then setup Magento to work with the secure URL’s. As a general practice it is not a good idea to store credit card information and there is no such thing as a 100% secure website. So make sure if you do store this information you get what you need and delete all traces of it from the database.

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