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linking to products
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I’m attempting to set up a store for the first time and I’m not much of a coder. After a few hours of frustration, I think I’m starting to get the hang of the templating system but I have:

1. A problem trying to set up an addition piece of navigation
2. A Question as to how I can link directly to a product description page

The working version of my store:

I originally set up a static version of the site at: (this is basically how I need the store to work)

For my first issue, I’m trying to set up a menu on the left hand side of the page exactly like the one on the second link provided. I tried creating a .phtml file called “nav.phtml” in the same directory as, I tried adding a block called “nav” in the magento admin and I tried throwing this menu in using <?=$this->getChildHtml('nav')?>.

I poked around the knowledge base and forums here and tried a few other solutions but my menu won’t show. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong or what the best way to do this? The menu should be visible throughout the store so I’m attempting to include it in 1collumn.phtml if that info helps.

For my second question, once I actually get this menu to show, I’m lost as to how I can link the menu items to their intended locations. The store I’m creating is extremely simple (only a hand full of products and a few sub-products) so I don’t want to use categories or product comparison or alot of the other magento features. I just need my simple menu to direct to various product description pages and to the shopping cart/checkout pages in the main content area. To sum up the issue, how can I get a direct url or path to each of my products and the shopping cart to throw into my static menu?

Thanks alot, excuse my ignorance!

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