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How do I set this to load the store whhen arriving at the url with out implementing a redirect? 
The Smoking Gun
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I have been through this with other types of software and basically it appears I need to set a server side re-direct in order for the store to load upon arrival at the url!

Is there a work around for this?

Especially considering the fact that the software reside two levels down from public html root this wil make any added pages three or more.

This is generally not search engine friendly to my knowledge, in fact anything more than three levels below index is long off from getting indexed anytime soon, and with any frequency, and would prefer there be a better way to accomplish this other than using a server re-direct, since this is already two levels deep, unless I misunderstood the ftp directions.
Was I not supposed to ftp up the entire folder for each step, being the magento folder, the uploader folder and the sample data folder, which by the way I found confusing since getting that info in to the mysql DB was needed to be imported from my home computer and not the server, so why was it necessary to ftp up the sample data folder?
I know this is allot of questions, but the more i learn the less you will see me here bugging you all LOL!
Understanding is the core of knowledge, not just knowing something “is”, but knowing “why” it is and “how” it came to be what it is!

Thanks in advance for any feedback regarding my gripe sounding questions!


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