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Paypal/Lightspeed - orders pending payment marked as paid
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Hi all,

Having some difficulty troubleshooting an issue with paypal. We’re working on an online shop for a physical clothing store using the Lightspeed POS connector.

We’ve been getting a few orders that aren’t completed for some reason - in the magento backend they’re being given ‘Pending Payment’ status, yet under ‘order totals’ the order has been marked as paid, with a total due of $0.00.

...Which means on the lightspeed side, these orders are considered paid even though no funds have been received, which makes end-of-day cashing-out very unbalanced.

In my tests I haven’t been able to replicate the issue - either the order goes through as ‘processing’, or, if I cancel the order (close the window once the site redirects to paypal), the order stays at ‘pending payment’, with an amount owing. We’ve tried contacting customers about it to figure out where and why the process ends, but no dice.

I’ve attached a few screenshots of the order view - these are all from the same order.

Any clues?


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