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Configurable Product Help…PLEASE! 
Darren E
Total Posts:  54
Joined:  2008-05-23
The Woodlands, Texas

I have a product which should be configurable...It’s a configurable metal or jewelry studded belt.
The belt should have three drop down options for the user to configure.

I have several kinds of belts in different colors and styles which will be it’s own “Product” but I need to be able to configure the following.

1. Leather type - natural or antique.

2. Stud Types - 60 different pieces you can choose to decorate the belt.

3. Buckle Types - 36 different buckle types to choose from.

Now, where it gets difficult- I also have leather purses and cell phone holders which you can also configure using the stud types. (no buckles or leather types). These STUD pieces or Jewels can also be individually purchased and have their own SKU number.

What’s the best way to handle this?

Do I have to create 96 TOTAL simple products for “Stud Types” and “Buckle Types” before I have the capability to make a configurable product (Belts, Cell Phone Holders, Purses, etc...)

Someone please advise!

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