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Extra customer information
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Hi chaps,

Im assessing magento at the moment as an alternative to the pure hell that is zen cart.

I need to gather some extra information from all of my customers to process their orders, I guess its allmost like a prescription… but not.

Anyway, I dont want to do this as product options as id like to save the information for the customer so that it doesnt have to be entered more than once, tied to the account if you like.

Now, in zen cart I have created an “EZ Page” which houses a form for them to complete, the page is only viewable when logged in. Once complete the form posts to a custom table in my database against the user id.

When an order is placed i look in this database and pull the information, which I then add onto the despatch note, invoice and order confirmation email, so that when I pack the order I have it to hand.

Will I be able to do this in Magento?

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