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Display area of products not for sale…No Shopping cart buttons. 
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The url I’m working on is

If you go to the section Hardwood Plywood, I’m trying to customize this section to be a display area for the different types of wood we use.
These are not products for sale but just materials and their info.

I just need to (in this section only) remove the “add to cart” button, leaving only the “info” button.
And on the info page I also need to remove (in this section only) the “add to cart” button there as well.

Leaving me with the shopping cart frame to display the different materials but not the ability to add them to the cart.

I would also like to remove any pricing, quantity, add to wish list, add to compare, from this area.

Is this possible and/or how can I accomplish this?


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From what I understand this should be only a presentation page, without any user interaction.
The simplest way to do this (in my opinion) is to create a static block (Cms->Blocks) with the content you want to show on that page. Just a simple HTML section.
Now edit in the ‘HARDWOOD PLYWOOD’ category in the backend and for the field ‘Display mode’ choose ‘Static block only’ and for the field ‘CMS Block’ select the block you just created.
Save, clear the cache just in case and try again.
There is no point on adding the types of wood you use as products if you are not going to use them as products.


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